Beijing Health Guard Approved by NMPA to Commence Clinical Trials of the Recombinant 15-Valent HPV Vaccine.


The company entered into collaboration agreements with R-Pharm on the development and commercialization of the nonavalent HPV in Russia, and completed a CNY 10.15 billion Pre-IPO financing. 


The company initiated phase III studies of the trivalent and nonavalent HPV, started to build a plant for commercial production in Kunming, and completed a CNY 651 million Series C financing.


The company commenced phase I/II studies of the nonavalent HPV, concluded phase II of the trivalent HPV, struck a deal to collaborate with Chengda Bio. on the development and commercialization of the 15-valent HPV, and completed a CNY 56.71 million Series B financing.


The company started phase I/II studies of the trivalent HPV, and was approved to initiate clinical trials of the nonavalent HPV.


The company received approval to commence clinical trials of the trivalent HPV, and submitted IND application for the nonavalent HPV.


IND application for the trivalent HPV was accepted for review by the then-CFDA. The company completed Series A financing and started to list on the NEEQ.


The company was restructured as a share-holding enterprise, and was designated as a High and New Technology Enterprise (HNTE).


Significant breakthroughs were made in the development of HPV VLP vaccine, with the trivalent HPV demonstrating comparable immunogenicity in animal models to that of commercially available competing products.


Beijing Health Guard, Ltd. was founded with funding from two angel investors.