Who We Are

A pursuer of originality and inventiveness in China’s biotech industry

A practitioner of sustained innovation in global vaccine R&D arena

Founded in 2008, Beijing Health Guard Biotechnology, Inc. is a high-tech enterprise that is dedicated to R&D and commercialization of innovative vaccines featuring a structure-guided design approach, with an outstanding pipeline of HPV vaccines as its core assets.

As a top-tier player in the development of HPV vaccines in China, Beijing Health Guard has been strengthening its innovation capacity through continuous in-house innovation. As of today, we have 50 granted patents and 8 pending patent applications in China. In addition, as of the same date, we have one granted patent in South Africa, one pending patent application in Indonesia and 8 pending PCT patent applications. Several key technology platforms have been established, including structure-guided antigen design platform, protein engineering and expression platform, vaccine engineering platform and potency evaluation platform for recombinant protein vaccines with proficiency in utilizing E. coli, yeast and CHO cells as the expression system. Meanwhile, in order to sustain its innovation performance, the Company has established a platform for the development of mRNA-based vaccines and drugs.

With its headquarter and R&D center based in Longsheng Industrial Park, Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, the Company has a team of almost 200 talents, consisting of R&D professionals and management personnel. Core assets in our pipeline include a trivalent HPV vaccine, a nonavalent HPV vaccine (for female and male indications), 15-valent HPV vaccine, as well as a polyvalent norovirus vaccine, a RSV vaccine,a zoster vaccine, a HFMD vaccine,a polio vaccine and a mRNA bivalent therapeutic HPV vaccine, with the trivalent and nonavalent HPV vaccine for both indications in phase III studies which are among the first 3 domestic candidates entering pivotal trials.

In anticipation of market demand for our HPV vaccines, we are also investing in a new manufacturing facility in Kunming to support production for commercial supply in the future. The Kunming facility is designed to have an annual manufacturing capacity of a combination of 10 million doses of trivalent HPV vaccine plus 30 million doses of nonavalent HPV vaccine, and comply with world-class quality standards, including the GMP requirements of China, the EU and the WHO. With a total planned GFA of over 80,000 sq.m, the Kunming facility will be integrated to support our R&D, manufacturing, logistics and office administration functions.

The Company was listed on the NEEQ (National Equities Exchange and Quotations) on September 18th, 2015, with shares of the company trading under the ticker Health Guard and stock code 833575. The Company was selected as a constituent for the NEEQ Pharmaceutical Index, NEEQ Research and Development Index, NEEQ Market Making Index, NEEQ Innovation Component Index, NEEQ Component Index and NEEQ Active Stocks Index.

On March 15th, 2023, the Company was listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, becoming the first IPO in the field of human vaccine on the Beijing Stock Exchange, and the first biotech listed under the market's 4th set of listing standards.

Since its inception, the company has been certified as a High and New Technology Enterprise (HNTE),  a Beijing Specialized and Special New SMES, a Zhongguancun Leading High-tech Enterprise and a BDA Enterprise established by overseas high-level talents.

Beijing Health Guard is "committed to improving the public’s health by providing safe, effective and innovative vaccines". On top of in-house innovation, Beijing Health Guard has been opening up to collaborations with domestic and foreign industry players. In January 2019, Health Guard and Liaoning Chengda Biotechnology Co., Ltd. entered into a collaboration agreement on the development and commercialization of the 15-valent HPV vaccine candidate developed by Health Guard.

In order to better serve the global public health and benefit more people, in addition to the ongoing efforts made to advance clinical study in females, the Company is the first to commence clinical trials of the nonavalent HPV vaccine in males. Meanwhile, the Company has been maintaining effective communication with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and PATH, and actively responding to WHO's initiative regarding HPV vaccine international procurement, so as to promote the internationalization process of HPV vaccine.

Beijing Headquarter

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