Beijing Health Guard Releases Two Good News

As the old saying goes, good news comes in pairs.

Beijing Health Guard Biotechnology, Inc. (thereafter the Company) receives two pieces of good news recently. One is that it has obtained an IND approval for the Recombinant nonavalent HPV vaccine (targeting HPV 6/11/16/18/31/33/45/52/58 and expressed in E.coli) (No. 2018L03107). The other one is that it has been awarded a “2018 Deloitte-Yizhuang Rising Star” designation in the “Deloitte – Yizhuang High Technology Fast Growing Rising Stars” competition.

On top of the recombinant trivalent HPV vaccine (targeting HPV 16/18/58) that is in Phase II clinical trial, the Company develops a second HPV vaccine, namely the nonavalent HPV vaccine that will be the flagship HPV vaccine product for the Company and is of the same valency as the commercially available nonavalent HPV vaccine which includes antigens of most HPV types. The nonavalent HPV vaccine will be theoretically efficacious against ~97% of high-grade cervical, vaginal and vulvar lesions caused by infections with vaccine HPV types, and further extend protection against cervical cancer, vulvar cancer, vaginal cancer and anal cancer to over 90% in comparison to 70% offered by the bivalent or quadrivalent HPV vaccines on the market. IND approval for the recombinant nonavalent HPV vaccine marks that the Company has become a top-tier player in respect of HPV vaccine development in China.

Co-sponsored by Beijing Economic-Technological Development Area Management Committee and Deloitte & Touche, the “Deloitte-Yizhuang High Technology Fast Growing Rising Stars” competition aims to identify and reward outstanding enterprises dedicated to rapid growth and sustainable innovation in Yizhuang, Beijing. The “2018 Deloitte-Yizhuang Rising Star” title automatically makes the Company a candidate for Deloitte 2018 China Rising Star which indicates that the Company has become a pillar of scientific and technological innovation in Yizhuang.