Health Guard ranked among TOP 10 on the list of "2022 Future Healthcare VB100 - Top 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies"

Recently, the list of winners of the "2022 Future Healthcare VB100" was released, which featured the top 100 innovative companies by valuation from four major sectors of the healthcare industry, including medical services, digital health, medical devices, and biomedicine. The winners were further categorized and listed by subsector, too. With its stellar performance in the development of recombinant vaccines, particularly the Ecoli-derived HPV vaccines, Health Guard secured 8th place on the list of "2022 Future Healthcare VB100 - Top 100 Innovative Biomedicine Companies".

The "2022 Future Healthcare VB100" event was jointly launched by VB100, VBData, and VCBeat Research as an attempt to pick out the Chinese healthcare innovators who truly represent the future of the industry, discover the mainstays, and facilitate innovation and transformation in the healthcare industry in China. "2022 Future Healthcare VB100" is among those events that attract the most attention across the healthcare industry and venture capital community. It is also considered one of the most reputable events that are referred to in the industry for appraising the future value of healthcare companies.

Founded in 2008, Beijing Health Guard Biotechnology, Inc. (Health Guard) is a leading high-tech enterprise that is dedicated to the research, development, and commercialization of innovative recombinant vaccines. Over the years, Health Guard has built a product pipeline that will address significant unmet medical needs. Core assets in Health Guard’s pipeline include a recombinant trivalent, nonavalent, and 15-valent HPV vaccine. Other research efforts at Health Guard include the development of a recombinant bivalent COVID-19 vaccine, a recombinant polyvalent norovirus vaccine, a recombinant RSV vaccine, a recombinant polyvalent hand-foot-mouth disease vaccine, and a recombinant zoster vaccine. The trivalent and nonavalent HPV vaccines are in phase III studies in female indication, which are among the first domestic candidates entering pivotal trials. Moreover, Health Guard is the first in China to have been granted clinical trial approval to initiate studies of the nonavalent HPV vaccine in males, and will commence phase III studies of the nonavalent HPV vaccine in male indication by the end of 2022. The 15-valent HPV vaccine co-developed by Health Guard and Chengda Bio is by far of the highest valency among the HPV vaccines that are commercially available or have been cleared to start clinical trials by global regulatory authorities.

Health Guard is on a mission to improve the public’s health by providing safe, effective and innovative vaccines.